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Busua ITP Pre-launch

Busua ITP Pre-launch

As part of celebrations of world environment day this year, the NetCYCLE team decided to organize a beach clean-up together with the townsfolk in Busua. This was also to serve as a pre-launch engagement with the people.

The local authorities of the town were engaged to make it easy to have access to the locals. The assemblyman together with his unit committee members were present to help clean the beach.

The locals showed up in their numbers to make the event a success. After the clean up the team from NetCYCLE introduced the project to the locals. The team explained the reason for the projects, the benefits they as a people and community at large stands to gain from the project and the environmental and aesthetic benefits of the project.

The assemblyman added his voice and urged the townsfolk to fully participate and help the project in every way possible.

The locals were introduced to the NetCYCLE representative in the town to assist them with further engagements and also so they could reach out to him whenever they had monofilament nets for pick up.